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  1. This is related to this topic, please post there so we can get more attention to this feature request
  2. +1 This would also solve sorting for artists with non-English names that do not use "The" as an article, and sorting for Artists/Albums that have special characters in their name/title
  3. I did use folder view before, but I still want to at least try to use library view (as it displays more relevant info) As for the batch process I used, it's dead simple. Since all of my folders are in order, a recursive touch is enough. My problem is more specifically with the album list view, since I don't know if how it works (if it works at all). Other solutions would be the possibility to manually set sorting order. In MusicBee, their library view has the possibility of sorting using file system order (Albums are sorted in the alphabetical order of their parent folders). I do not know if this would be possible in Poweramp. Album sorting by date added may not be broken after all, but it is not intuitive. As I said, I made sure to set all of my songs in each album so that their last modified time is strictly superior of the last modified times of the preceding albums. Maybe for albums the file's last modified date is not used at all, maybe it's broken.
  4. I would like to add what I'm experiencing with my phone to this topic. First, why the date added sorting method is important to me : I have several artists that have released albums on the same year, but these albums names are not in alphabetical order. What this causes is wrong sorting for these albums (as what I would like to achieve is release date sorting, which is what makes the most sense for me). In previous version of Poweramp, I achieved this using the date added sorting method. Since Poweramp does not support the full release time tag (which allows for full Year/Month/Day release date tagging), and that file-system sorting is not possible when using non folder-hierarchy views, the only way to achieve correct sorting is using date added sorting (when using music library views). Now, coming into Poweramp V3, I am 300% sure this sorting method is currently broken, and this bug persists even on reinstalls and complete rescans (I have even completely purged all my music files three times from my SD card to try and fix this, to no avail). To make sure of this, I have used a script to edit my last date modified info on all my music files. They currently are 100% in order in this regard (each song is marked as being last modified one hour apart each). I have confirmed this using the SE Explorer app that does indeed achieve the correct sorting of music files when using the last date modified sorting in their app. This should prove that at least, in my case, my last date modified info is valid and not equal to null or such. Now to the bug present in Poweramp. As stated by Oscarwho210, Poweramp seems to currently order using an unknown sorting method when using last date modified sorting. What I'm currently experiencing, is what would seemingly be alphabetical sorting in song list views, and what I would assume, be a broken/random sorting method when in album list views. In album view specifically, sometimes I get correct sorting, sometimes reversed sorting, and sometimes completely out of order sorting. It doesn't seem to follow alphabetical ordering. What's more, disabling the option for using file system last date modified times (and using scanner first seen time) does not change ordering at all. Albums and songs will get ordered just the same as last time, even on full rescans, which makes me wonder what info is Poweramp currently using when using this sorting method, as it seems to be broken both when using scanner first seen times and file system last modified times. And adding to this, using the reverse toggle when using date added sorting does absolutely nothing at all. If this is not a bug, it is very confusing as the toggle does not get disabled. Also, if it is intentional and not a bug, please enable this option again, as it is an useful option to have. This issue has persisted for months, and is even present on two different phones (with the same sorting being displayed on both phones). For information, my phones are Oneplus 5 and Nokia 8.1. I had already opened another topic on this issue but it apparently was ignored. So please, look into this issue. I am certain something is wrong.
  5. Hello Poweramp, The date added sorting method has been broken since a few updates of the V3 version (this is a regression as previous V3 updates worked as expected). The date added sorting method does not follow the "reverse" option properly and stays the same, no matter if checked or not. On top of this, the "sort by filesystem date/time" menu option is also broken and won't change the sorting method to "scanner first seen date". Thank you for your attention.
  6. Hello Poweramp team, The new UI for V3 is really nice, but it is missing a feature from V2. When the song or artist/album names are too long, the V3 interface cuts them off instead of scrolling the name (as in V2). Please consider adding name scrolling as an option for the library and main ui interfaces. Thanks.
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