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  1. woow great news. isn't possible to select playlist, album or folder selection..? or simply play all ?
  2. Thanks for your Input. Today Max updated PAmp V3 Build 815 but no AA support. Hope he is working on to it. Meanwhile as @Phrosh said I tried PA Alpha Build 709 https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/max-mp/Poweramp/Poweramp-alpha-build-709-play-release/Poweramp-music-player-alpha-build-709-play-android-apk-download/download/ It works like a charm but can't pause audio.😜 Thanks @Phrosh
  3. Hi I'm using Poweramp v3 build 814. Installed Poweramp auto Bridge app. Enabled developer support in Android Auto and unkown sources. Rooted device unlocked Android auto apps. Now whenever Android auto starts Poweramp auto stopping and even clicked music it's keep loading. Enclosed error screenshot's.
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