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  1. Hey Blaubär, thanks you've solved all my issues! Got the previous/next buttons, I was able to exclude all the whatsapp speechthings, and the list is smaller (I could swear I have tried compact more than once...). As for the music not being found I would like to clarify that Im fairly sure it's not a Poweramp issue. If you google for the issue more people have this with several players (which some can resolve by deleting a .nomedia file, but that didnt help me, alas). Thanks again for making the player great again!
  2. Not sure if this is the rigth topic. Have to say I was not a big fan of the overhaul, but Im getting used and part of the problem where some settings (one major was: only retrieve music from my music folder, I was so annoyed by having to go through all those whatsapp speech things - stuff like that, I'd say turn it off by default) Some things I still cannot fix: - In a list I see the album cover before every song, resulting in seeing only 3 songs on my screen and often makes me unable to read the title of the track. I've tried changing list options to various styles but in every way the albumpicture shows. I would love to see a very compact one that looks like this: Example artist - my song 1 - 8:34 Example artist - my song 2 - 6:32 Example artist - my song 3 - 8:54 Example artist - my song 4 - 5:34 Example artist - my song 5 - 2:33 In this style you can list 10 tracks on screen easily! - the "back" button of my phone often leads to closing the app, while I'd like to go back to previous page or the homescreen of the app. - I don't know how to go to the next or previous track in this screen, the default music playing screen. I'd like to have some (big) buttons that I can easily tap to skip a couple songs back and forth. My phonescreen when playing a song - and somehow the musicplayer doesn't find all my songs. To be honest, I think this is an android problem, not app problem. What I do: download a bunch of full albums from youtube (1hr+ tracks), select them, copy to a new folder in music. Still have plenty of space and I can see them in my folder. Butt... the player doesnt see them! Also had this in google player though.
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