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  1. Hey Blaubär, thanks you've solved all my issues! Got the previous/next buttons, I was able to exclude all the whatsapp speechthings, and the list is smaller (I could swear I have tried compact more than once...). As for the music not being found I would like to clarify that Im fairly sure it's not a Poweramp issue. If you google for the issue more people have this with several players (which some can resolve by deleting a .nomedia file, but that didnt help me, alas). Thanks again for making the player great again!
  2. Not sure if this is the rigth topic. Have to say I was not a big fan of the overhaul, but Im getting used and part of the problem where some settings (one major was: only retrieve music from my music folder, I was so annoyed by having to go through all those whatsapp speech things - stuff like that, I'd say turn it off by default) Some things I still cannot fix: - In a list I see the album cover before every song, resulting in seeing only 3 songs on my screen and often makes me unable to read the title of the track. I've tried changing list options to various styles but in every way the
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