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  1. So, can I get any way to play fine in PA?
  2. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1fov3CsJL-EL1_mihSb-f-fhn5RHUK0Kv
  3. How can I upload flac files? There might be size limit below attachment.
  4. I doubt that there is a crash bwtween DSP and specifically ripped flac files. That's because these files faced same errors in 'Player Pro music player' when DSP package is activated, but when DSP is inactivated, it played well with no error. I really want to use PA not Player Pro, so I strongly want to deal with this errors.
  5. That is not the problem of one or two files of the same folder or list, the error of all files of specific folder. The common feature of error files is that they are ripped by same condition with same ripping software. They are scanned by PA, shown in the library of PA and normally played in several other music player apps.
  6. the latest vetsion of PA (v3 build 814) with Galaxy Note S9. The error message is 'failed to play file'. Some of my flac files faced that error. But other music player can play without any errors.
  7. Some files(.flac) which are playing other music players are not playing in PA. What can I do?
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