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  1. Hello! Sorry for the late respond about the issue. Suddenly after updating the app the problem was solved and everything is running evenly. Thanks everyone. The discussion can be locked.
  2. Thank you, flyingdutchman. After working days I will give it a try and response about what is going on.
  3. Hi there and Merry Cristmas! I tried to install few apps and investigate the log (LogCat app for example) but it didnt work, no information about the self-launch was shown. So can anyone explain how can I take the logs? Thanks and many wishes for enjoying the holidays, Alex
  4. Hello guys, I've been using Poweramp for a long time and after updating the software few days ago I noticed many times that without opening the application it opens by itself (while the phone is locked) and also it plays music. So in order to stop it I have to click the X button from UI menu. I havent plug any headphones or connect via bluetooth to a device. The phone I use is LG5 if this matters. Does anyone have this issue and if yes how the problem can be solved? Thanks and enjoy the upcoming holidays. Alex
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