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  1. The feature id like the most from V2 into V3 is the ability to list via just the name, no pics at all or maybe list extra small so the pic is half its size if there HAS to be a picture in that area, i have quite a long list of bands so it seems even longer with the new list option.
  2. I have all battery optimisation off. Even when i hit back and play it plays the song. So its not a non playable track, especially when i havent added anything new to play since the V3 Update. No idea what i can do for the third thing. Lets hope when i get a new phone next week i wont be still having these issues.
  3. Im having this issue as well since this V3 update. Ive enabled Wakelock/keep service, removed pause on headset disconnect, turned off crossfade, Turned off visualization, Battery saver is turned off completely. tried to follow every bit of advice here and in other posts, but nothing is working. Some times it will last as long as 4 songs before it stops, sometimes it lasts 4 albums. But eventually it will stop playing for no real reason. Its doing my head in. Android 5.1.1 Agora 4g Pro
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