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  1. So I tried Poweramp again with Hi-Res on with MIUI 10 Beta ROM and I don't hear a difference. So my guess is it only works with the stable ROM even though it says it's working while on beta EDIT: Forgot to say I'm still using a PocoPhone F1
  2. How do you see that output in the screenshot? I don't know how to do it
  3. Sorry Note to Max: I have a feeling this should work on the Xiaomi M8 series also as that shares the same hardware as my PocoPhone F1
  4. I can understand that lol It does sound better when enabled though but it's the KHZ part that confuses me. If an audio file is only encoded to 48KHZ (16bit) and you upscale it to 192KHZ (24bit) then what effect does that have on the sound?
  5. You can add the Poco/PocoPhone F1 to the list of supported devices as you can see. If I need it or not is a different story lol All my music I carry on my phone is in 44.1/48KHZ 320BPS MP3 format. My headphones (1More Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones) are Hi-Res compatible though so I can hear a difference but I'm not that clued up on audio engineering so don't know what settings to have. For the purpose of the screenshot I have set it to 192KHZ to show that that's as far as it goes (I have it set to 48KHZ when listening to music). Where is the best place to figure out to get the best settings? EDIT: Forgot to add I'm on MIUI stable ROM . It's a half arsed ROM by Xiaomi where they have mixed some lib libraries from an Oreo ROM into this so called Pie ROM What I have noticed with the settings shown below that when I increase or decrease the volume it does take time to catch up. I don't know if this is a fault with the app or the ROM
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