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  1. Hi Andre, Could you please give me update on the status of gDrive connection? I have 2TB of music on gDrive, and it is a real hassle having to keep downloading 200MB onto my phone just so I can play them with PA. Thank you.
  2. Dear Andre, Exactly what my question pertained to "stream from external sources such as GoogleDrive". Now that the winner in the poll (Chromecast) is implemented, can you give me a timeline when the support for playing from Google Drive is to be expected? Thx.
  3. Hi Poweramp, May I please ask an update on the status of development for the 2nd place of this poll: stream from external sources such as GoogleDrive? Thank you.
  4. Clicking in Album Art area indeed takes me up one level, swiping right / left in album art work goes to next / previous track. The BACK button, however, exits the program hence was my question. I would expect the same action as clicking in Album Art area, i.e. take me up one level. Thanks for all the guidance today!
  5. Amazing for #1) List Option, looking forward to #2) Folder, and please comment on #3 which was showing current / last played folder in the list along with jumping there.
  6. Dear Poweramp, THE main reason I went with your app is that you allow users to view files in folder structure (not just tags). I spent hundreds of hours to organize my music into folders in the past 20 years. Premise: I only wish to select Folder Hierarchy as a List Option, and I have one Music Folder dedicated to Music on my SD card. Request: it would be great to have the default view skipping the List Options (only Folder Hierarchy enabled) and 1st folder selection (only Music parent folder containing all music album folders) and jump straight to listing my music subfolders. It makes sense to show the screen of List options upon clicking on the 4square if more than one List Option is enabled, and, as a next step, to show multiple music folders if more than one Music Folder selected. However, the not-so-unique scenario I described for Folder Tree Structure only has one List Option (no point is showing that screen if you have only 1 option to proceed), and 1 parent Folder (no point in showing that screen if you have only 1 parent Music Folder selected in Settings). Does that makes sense? Every time I wish to change music, I have to do 2 unnecessary clicks to reach my music. Directly related to this, when I end up viewing my music subfolders, hundreds of them, it would be nice to land on the current / last played folder and not at the top of the list.. having to scroll down to where I was. I appreciate your thoughts about this in advance. Thank you.
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