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  1. I just reupdate my Poweramp and it sounds good again at v3.maybe some settings have reset. Also went to output and discovered a new world. I tweaked it and it sounds even better now. Thanks a bunch! Happy holidays! Cata
  2. Can you please elaborate what output settings?
  3. Hello! I have a xiaomi mi a2 and instead of a dongle (the phone does not have a jack) i use a Fiio q1 mark 2 as DAC. Yesterday i just updated the phone's OS to android pie and the sound quality via Poweramp v3 went down. It started to sound fuzzy and a bit distorted the bass was not clear anymore ..it had somehow of a buzz. I downgraded to Poweramp v2 and this version works good. To be mentioned that when i had Android 8.1 and Poweramp v3 i had no issues.
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