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  1. I try the trial less than a day and I bought the Unlocker.
  2. Thanks. Just updated from Google Play.
  3. Is there a way to save a custom preset that we have made. If there is, how many can we save the preset Indra
  4. I rectify the problem already for Oppo R11 I need to go to setting, display& brightness and Indra, deactivate the portrait and orientation lock(for Poweramp) for other device I do not need to deactivate. Thanks Indra
  5. I don't have any problem rotating my other apps for example Mx player pro and RE Equalizer.🤔 Indra
  6. I think it doesn't work with Oppo R11. Or did I miss something. Although I put it at default mode. Indra
  7. Thanks for the reply. I just bought the paid version actually when I see Poweramp version 3 in Google Chrome news. Straight away download trial and bought the Unlocker. Really love this app. It's worth buying it. Thanks Indra
  8. It's just when we hold the phone in landscape it will go to landscape same goes to portrait. Or is there already have the function built in v3. Thanks Indra
  9. Hopefully new update developers can add a rotating screen on the UI additional to default, portrait and landscape. Just a suggestion. Thanks
  10. Hopefully there's a number( maximum/minimum) for each slider with the equalizer or on top of the slider. Thanks
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