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  1. Thanks for the hint. Actually, I meant a miniplayer (respectively navbar) which is indeed hiding when scrolling down, but always shows up when a song is started. However the static miniplayer is also fine. Best
  2. A static seekbar in the miniplayer seems like a good alternative. In terms of the miniplayer it would be convenient if it is always displayed after starting a song. Currently the miniplayer disappears after scrolling down a longer list as supposed to do, but when a song is not started at the bottom area of the visible list part, it don't reappears.
  3. Hi all, one feature that was present in Poweramp v2 was the seekbar under the currently playing song in the queue. In combination with the option to stay in the queue after starting a song the playing position could be changed very quickly. This was great for examine new songs/albums. I would like to use this feature in Poweramp v3 as well. Regards
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