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  1. The only reason I know this forum exists is because I was sent here by clicking support in the app. Before this upgrade I've never required any. I've seen some on this forum making disingenuous implications that we (meaning your general simple users) are somehow at fault for not getting involved in feedback. Is it really the responsibility of the customer to seek out the developer to address changes when it isn't even evident by any common means they are going to take place? we aren't all tech nerds who follow and scrutinize the development of the software we use. If we like it, and it works, we buy it. You didn't just update it, you totally changed it almost beyond recognition. If you really couldn't see how this could result in the level of negativity it has, I think that's a little naive. I Was particularly disheartened to read the comments made in the "Read first" sticky, which kindly informs us of the "contempt we deserve". Well good luck with that attitude. I hear it worked particularly well with some AAA game developers earlier this year.
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