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    Make list of lists

    No reply, so instead of just a bump, I'll ask a couple of related questions: 1) Do all playlists work as a single "list" for shuffling purposes? 2) There is a repeat option for "advance to next list," and a couple shuffle options that randomize lists. What set of lists is Poweramp choosing from when this happens?
  2. ddmerillat

    Make list of lists

    Sorry if this is an old question. I did try searching. I want to be able to make a playlist (for this discussion, named "Favorite Albums") that is a collection of other "lists" (playlists, albums, etc.) and preserves the list boundaries. When I start playing "Favorite Albums", I could thus use the "Shuffle lists, tracks in order" mode, or the skip to next list button. Is this possible already? Or is this a feature request?