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  1. Hi, There are options to turn on, the Poweramp app can show on the lock screen. But Poweramp is complicated to use a lot of choice to use. I hope there can be simple choices for Poweramp can show on the lock screen. I think no one has better basic music playing on the lock screen than the Samsung Music app. I not saying the Poweramp app should be completely copy of the Samsung Music app. The Poweramp app could use the same idea that Samsung Music app uses on the lock screen.
  2. Hi, I have problem with album artwork cover is blurry. On the lock screen, get to see the entire album artwork cover, click on the clock on the lock screen. The problem is on the Samsung Galaxy S10 + Exynos. I have tried several music plays, to check more music player has the same problem. Album Artwork Cover is only blurry on Poweramp. I think understand a little more now why all album artwork covers are blurry on Gear S3 as well. It's followed, I've made a mistake, by turning on some settings causing the album artwork cover to be blurry.
  3. Thanks for responding. Not quite what my question was. Maybe I didn't explain well enough. I've added a picture. You can look at the picture, I have put red ring around. Why is the song set number 1 when shuffle is selected. Edit: All Music Player App I've tried. Has not this issue. Maybe, I'm doing something wrong. Maybe you get a better understanding of what I mean to tell. The song is track number 14 which you can see on the playlist screen (if you count from the top down).
  4. Thanks for understanding and for replying, both of you two😀. Is it possible to solve. And it is possible to have the same volume level of 384khz (192khz) when "No Headroom Gain" is turned on wired/aux and EQ is turned on. It is possible maybe this change can come to next Poweramp app update. I'm little confused. I have headphones that support Hi-Res Output to 32Bit/96khz it's possible to choose, I'm happy with. It is strange, it is not possible to choose 32bit on wired/aux. I have a question about shuffle. When choosing the shuffle option, there is a problem with shuffle not remembering the list/(order) number of the songs. For example, if the song is list number 50 in playlist when shuffle is not selected. But when the shuffle is selected, the Poweramp app will not remember the song was listed/(order) number 50 in the playlist. The app will rather start with the list number of 1 for the song.
  5. That does not answer my question or problem I'm experiencing. I never use the DVC option with Hi-Res or DVC without Hi-Res turned on. The sound volume is much higher when 192khz is selected with Hi-Res turned on.
  6. Low Sound Volume, when I choose 384khz Sample Rate on Hi-Res Output (Wired/Aux) on S9+ Android 9 Pie. Poweramp build 818
  7. Hi! I have the same issues. I have recently updated to Android Pie on S9 + (Exynos)
  8. With the Sony Music Center app, you can prioritize Codec LDAC on WH-100XM3 headphones and on the smartphone. On the Sony Hodephones Connect app, it is possible to see which codec is selected on the headset. On AudioTrack Output, 16Bit / 44Khz is selected on Poweramp. I can manually select sample rate of 96khz and bit per sample to 32bit on settings on deveplorer option on the smartphone. You know, play menu (showing track name, album artwork and artist name). On output it does not show Hi-Res name. It shows AudioTrack Output 16bit / 44khz or AudioTrack Output 32bit / 96khz.
  9. I have Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones that support Hi-Res 32Bit/96Khz when DSEE HX turn on. The problem is Poweramp can not detect headsets that support Hi-Res Audio. I think, to make it easier for the smartphone and headphones that support Hi-Res Audio. Should it be added to a list that supports Hi-Res headphones in the Poweramp app.
  10. I'm going to try the Sony XBA-A2 on Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus ROM stock Android 8.0.
  11. It's strange that Poweramp does not support 32 bit/384khz on AudioTrack Out on Wired Headset/Aux (Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Exynos). Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus can play 24bit/192khz songs when OpenSL ES Hi-Res Output is selected on Wired Headset/Aux. But Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus selects 16bit/48khz on AudioTrack Output Wired Headset/Aux to play songs. It's quite strange that the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus has such a problem with Poweramp. The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus (Exynos) supports 32bit/384khz.
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