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  1. Thank you for the quick reply and your hints given. I've checked Musicbee. It uses the POPM (Popularimeter) tag to store the ratings: On my moblie the POPM tags is read by other apps (e.g. PlayerPro shows 3 stars, based on the value of 128 shown in the screenshot). Unfortunately Powermap does not. ­čś× . The track is shown as unrated. Maybe there is a trigger in the hamburger men├╝ I didn't noticed, to enable this....? Thank you for recommending your app New Playlist Manage´╗┐r. I haven't installed/bought it yet, but if I understand it correctly I have to run your apps twice - ones after copying mp3s to my mobile (to transfer the POPM-data into the Poweramp-database) and - ones before I copy the files back to my PC (to write POPM-data from the Poweramp-database into the mp3s)? When your app updates the mp3s, does it update the timestamp of the mp3-file as well? This would be important to me, since I copy only these mp3-files back tp my PC, which are newer (based on files timestamp).
  2. I am using MusicBee at home and copy a bunch of tracks to my mobile (Samsung S7) to listen to it using Poweramp. My problem ist that I can not - either see the ratings (set in MusicBee before) in Poweramp - nor seeing the star ratings (made in Poweramp) after transferring the mp3-files back to my MusicBee PC. MusicBee stores the ratings within the mp3-file. Which is great - since this makes the ratings displayable for other players as well (e.g. PlayerPro) , which supporting the read-out of this embedded rating information. So my first question would be: Can Poweramp show such embedded ratings as well? I tried, but with no success. Poweramp show the tracks in unratet condition to me. Second question is: After rating a track in Poweramp, can Poweramp store the star ratings within the mp3-files (instead of saving the ratings only locally within the Poweramp app)? Having the ratings only saved in a Poweramp data(base) file, wouldn't help me, since I would like to use the ratings also outside of Pwoeramp. (e.g after copying that tracks back to my PC).
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