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  1. I updated to V3 to test this out. I went into output settings and I've seen the "speaker" "plugged in audio" were ticked and I've found that the Bluetooth option was not enabled by default. So I enabled it and it did really improve the overall audio! I tried it with my ear buds and with also both my Bluetooth headsets and the sound is very good. But again, I'm still having an issue with the audio engine. On the V2 engine, the maximum volume I could reasonably set my phone was not even near the 3/4. But if I use the V3 version, I can go to maximum volume without it destroying my ears, so the sound is quite a lot less loud. Plus, it seems like increasing the bass is causing the rest of the audio spectrum to fade and the overall volume gets lower. Which did not happen on the V2 version. I was able to completely increase the bass knob without any of the rest of the audio fading or having "volume drops" from a segment of the song where there's some more bass. So for the moment I'll be sticking with the V2 version :]
  2. I have a Sony Xperia XA2 and the new audio engine from the V3 release is doing no miracles. If for example I want to slightly increase the bass, I'll be able to turn the know 1/4 of a turn before the sound then begins to be over amped as if my headphone were blew up. While on the V2, I could do any sort of adjustments with still a very clear and powerful audio. To resume, it'd be very nice to have the new V3 interface, but to also have the possibility to use the older audio engine
  3. @andrewilley @maxmp Hello devs! Just wanted to congratulate for the new astonishing interface. Personally I really love it it feels very natural to use. I'd have a question about the new audio engine because I'm having an odd issue. The sound itself is no more the same, when I want to increase the bass or play with some settings, the engine seems to overload and the sound comes out over amped and for the sake of my own sanity I had to go back to the V2. While the new interface is amazing, the new sound is quite bad in my experience. Are you thinking about adding a setting or a switch to use the V2 audio engine instead? Or are you planning for future updates for improvements the V3 audio engine?
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