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  1. Thanks for your help! But... * I am using Dark skin; thanks for the hint, the wave display is now static - but it is still displayed. Better now, but not perfect - I'd prefer to not have it at all. * I read and tried out the new navigation, however the only method I find to return to the main player interface (with play/skip buttons) is by clicking the currently selected/played song title * Thanks, I have customized the library display to only offer "Folder Hierarchy". However, this means I still have the top level "Library" menu, even if it now only contains a single item ("Folder Hierarchy") :-/ EDIT: I have just discovered the dark minimalist skin above, which allows me to hide the wave seekbar. Nice, thank you!
  2. I second that. The make it more concrete: * I want a lean interface which only displays information I need, without tiring and distracting my eye with functionality I deem irrelevant. * I want a lean interface which allows operating in a quick and ergonomic way. * I want the software to play music, and consume as little power as possible while doing so, while delivering top notch audio quality. For me, v3 of the product has distinctly degraded the product. Concrete: * New additional buttons have been introduced, which I do not need, which burden the interface for me. * The buttons are smaller than before, thus more difficult to click on my compact form factor phone, especially when I am driving or while walking, which is the typical use case for me. * The access to the graphic equalizer presets has been moved; I could change it with two touches; now it is three, where I need to hit VERY small buttons. I typically switch this while driving or walking (as I use a different profile in the car compared to my regular bluetooth headset). This has become very difficult. Also, now I need 3 clicks to again close the selection window (before, it was implicit with the selection). * I would like to get rid of the display of vertical bar of song peaks which scrolls horizontally. I deem it irrelevant, and I am sorry for the battery power and time needed for scanning the song to display this. It is also distracting to the eye. * when going to the track list of an album or folder, moving back to the main interface used to be possible via a large button on the lower edge; now I need to "click" on the current track title, which is smaller than before, and which is directly bordering menu buttons, that are easily accidentally pressed instead. * I always navigate my library based on folder structure. Now, I get an additional button at the top which would allow me to go to a master selection from which I could also navigate via albums etc. I never do that, this the button is superfluous. Also, album art (of the first album?) in the current folder is displayed, which takes a lot of space, and is distracting - I also consider it irrelevant and misleading when I am looking at a folder containing sub folders with different artists. As an overall principle: I want a music player which plays music, allows easy audio configration, and play list management. I do not want a video game, flashy graphics, or a dressing toy (skins etc.). I think development effort should have gone into things like keeping playlist work when migrating to a new phone with a new SD card, better bluetooth buffering to prevent skips and the like, or supporting assigning specific equalizer profiles to specific bluetooth peers. I do not see a respectable use case for the new UI features.
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