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  1. Hi, I posted this bug before, but had no luck on a fix, so i'm trying again My device uses a carrier ROM that forces RTL layout to the entire device for languages ike Hebrew and Arabic. Because of that, the widget becomes unusable. For example: Last time I posted this issue I remember that changing my device language to English solved this issue because the layout changed to LTR The thing is, since I updated my device version changing the language no longer changes the device layout. (If I change to English, the device layout is still RTL) So I can't prove this anymore... Details: Poweramp version and build number V3 build-853-arm64-play Your device model LG V30+ Your Android version 9 (No sub-version specified in the menu and I'm not sure how to find it) Your Custom ROM name/version I don't use a custom ROM, but my version is some abomination created by the official LG importer in my country. The version name is V30a-ISR-XX Reproduce and run CatLog I'm not sure what will be my reproduction steps here... I deleted and put the widget back again, hope it gives you some information. (Email sent)
  2. Hey! long time Poweramp user, new to the forum. I got v3 this morning and I was very exited for it! Unfortunatelly, I found (so far :p) 2 bugs: For future referances, my device is LG V30+ and my OS is Android 8.0.0 (Stock LG ROM) 1. My device is using an RTL layout (Hebrew) and it seems to break the widget completly (image is attached). I know it is related to RTL, because when i change my device language to English the widget shows correctly. 2. Although mentioned in the configurations that track album art is used for artists (when 'Download Artist Images' is diabled) it is not consistent (attached image with album art but no band cover image). Note that some of my artist directories do have a cover image, so it does work sometimes... 3. Since i'm not sure if it's a bug, I'll just ask to make sure - does the seekbar (when static) supposed to be white at first and get grayed out from left to right as the song progresses? Because it feels like it should be the other way around... Thanks a lot for your development and free update!
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