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  1. Ok i uploaded it on Google Drive instead. See here.
  2. Thanks for your prompt answer. Couldn't you download the zip file i uploaded at 1fichier.com ? It actually contains 3 songs files concerned with the issue.
  3. Hi, I have some cover art not displayed in my collection. I'm sure the covers are here in my tracks and correctly working as they are perfectly displayed on other softwares. So from my perspective, the issue is definitely Poweramp related. Note that when i check the tag details of the concerned songs it strangely displays image size of "-1x-1" (see pictures attached). I have uploaded 3 sample files in 1 zip on 1fichier file storage that developper team can test here if it can help. I finally add that this occurs with Poweramp 3 build 814 on a Cayin N5iiS player. But again, i'm 99.99% sure the issue is not device-related. Thanks for your help.
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