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  1. I too made an account because I have been using this app for 6ish years (of which my entire experience was absolutely stellar and was something I recommended to everyone I knew who wanted more features than from Google Music) and am extremely disappointed at this forced UI change. It is awful, and no tweaks or 3rd party skins have remedied a thing. I've wasted close to 2 hours trying to every possible configuration of things with or without the v3 minimal dark skin linked earlier in this thread. All of them end up looking very oddly proportioned, the buttons are in awkward places. It simply does not have the ease of use and functionality that v2 had; v3 does NOT work if you use your phone as your music device while driving. The buttons are too small, they are put in bad locations, there is too much noise to find what you want in a millisecond. Sure, it may look nicer, more 2018, more apple, but when every part of the UI that I care about has been changed for the worse I simply just uninstall v3 and go back to the last v2 apk. Now I have to sprint into Google Play and turn off auto-updates before it returns me to v3 hell (this happened once already). Thank god I have an older phone (which I had to sprint to turn off wifi so it wouldn't update to v3) with all of my settings saved because I sure as hell don't want to waste another second configuring this damn app. What a huge waste of time. Not only my time, but all of the time the dev must have put in to making a "better" product. Can't say I'll recommend your product to anyone in the future.
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