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  1. Shouldn't the artist be enough to separate those albums though? I can't go back and re-tag thousands of files of files.
  2. I have the same problem and Join Albums is enabled. Since I'm not going to retag thousands of MP3's is there no other option for me other than to go back to V2?
  3. When I click onto an artist I used to get the one album but now it seems that every track has been split into a separate album with the same name. This has happened with some artists but not all of them.
  4. Obviously that is not going to be able but, to me, the earlier version was pretty much perfect. I don't really see why a complete overhaul was necessary. So many apps and websites lose traffic and users because they apply changes that serve no real purpose other than to be changes, Reddit being the first one to come to mind. I understand adding new features but doing things like changing the UI serve no real purpose. If there had been an option to go back to the old version then so many people would not be complaining.
  5. I made an account just because of this update. I have used Poweramp for years but this latest version has made me wonder if I should look for something else. The UI is so "busy" and seems bloated. The first thing I looked for was if I could make the lists smaller, but even the smallest is bigger than before. I don't really understand why someone felt this was necessary, I thought the previous version was perfection. To the guy who said that this is what the users wanted, I don't think even 0.001% of the app's users look up the site of it and that they'd only do it if they had a problem of some sort.
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