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  1. Symbol#60

    Turning off Visualizations

    Guys, Your developers need to be aware that the Visualisation stuff is damn dangerous. My partner has Vertigo and some of the Visualisation patterns make her vomit. Also for people who suffer Epilepsy, it could trigger a seizure. Please make this turned off as a default. I work at a hospital where we have banned this app.
  2. Sorry, but V3 hasn't been thought out. It looks like some children on Crack cocaine got to it. The sound is still the best, but useability comes 1st when on a small screen. I just want to turn off all the junk that has now been added to get it back to near V2 UI. Just give me the ablum, some controls and leave it at that. Better still, deliver a pre-set that is similar to V2 UI. I dont need wanky spectrums or scolling bars in the background, and when I want a list of songs, just 1 (ONE) album cover will do, not 300 freaking hundred that now cuts off the song name so I cannot see them. Overall, this is really really really really ugly.
  3. Symbol#60

    Help: disable jump/seek button

    Oh What? Yet another useful feature canned. Swiping was the best way to go. Now I have to dumb down the app.
  4. V3 is so bloody awful! I now have black labels everywhere or at best I can make them transparent and still have them overlay the relevant information. Instead of a song list I get to see the album cover a 100 times, I prefer a nice clean list. The congitive interface has now been turned into vomit. Now I get a meaningless moving signal on my screen when the music plays. What ever you were smoking or injecting, I want some. How can I get UI V2 back?