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  1. It's an audio player FFS... why does it need high-rez graphics? The app worked perfectly for what it was, why would you expect the developers to communicate with people asking to put tits on a boar (i.e. add totally useless things). Why would I pay attention to a development process that shouldn't have been happening? And, I happen to be a (long-time) paying customer, so my comparison to new Coke is perfectly valid.
  2. When I read the "it's what a (very small) part of the community voted for" I'm reminded that it was a small group who thought that New Coke would be superior to the original. That Netflix should split into 2 companies (Flickster anyone?). That Pepsi released a clear cola. Or that the original Galaxy Note had, as a feature, the ability to spontaneously light itself on fire. All these things passed through a small user group before the public wretched on them. Eerily similar to what's happening here (except those companies/products had the good sense to reverse course).
  3. It's a Christmas miracle!! But seriously, who doesn't use randomize list almost exclusively?? Aside from like 4 albums in history (and all of classical music, I suppose) why would anyone ever listen to a cd/playlist in the same order again and again?
  4. Except that the functionality now sux. Form over function, is that really what matters most? After using the new version, there are even more things that don't appear to have been thought out. Randomized playing from a folder, for instance. Used to be to randomize a list, it was a simple click and hold, wallah. Nice! Now it's a fucking nightmare. Open the list, click play on the list (not on any 1 individual song on accident or you'll get to listen to that 1 song over and over and over and over). Then, once the list is playing, press the random button. But don't do it just once or you'll randomize ALL songs, not just the ones in your list that you are trying to listen to. Also, even though you set it to randomize the songs in a list, the next time you switch lists it won't remember that. Oh no. You're going to have to reset your random choice yet again. What once took 1 click now takes 3!! This is progress?? All I want for Christmas is for the developers to admit they fucked up and fix it. Stop trying to put lipstick on a pig.
  5. I see what you are getting at, but there are some fundamental issues with this outlook: 1) In stating "The changes that have been decided by the users", you're talking an absurdly low % of users giving input & feedback. If it's more than 1% I'd be totally shocked. This creates an 'echo chamber' where the voices of the very few clouded out sound judgment. Instead of doing right for the 99%, development got caught up listening to the few. 2) Clearly, what should have happened, was a new version (v3) that pushed very few changes to the forefront while providing the options/customization in the settings. In other words, the default UI on v3 should look nearly indistinguishable from v2 (which was nearly perfect for users) with all the changes being implemented by end user choice. If you want to customize and play around, go right ahead. Instead, it is the other way around. People who want thier app to 'just work' - the 99% - are having to figure out how to get back to what they had. This is an ENORMOUS failure on the part of the developer, and probably the only real failure they made here. There are things to like about v3, even for v2 enthusiasts, but the way this process took place is not one of them.
  6. You're a clown, bro. He's staring his issues clearly and coherently - not making any demands. His issues are what the issues of 90% of the people posting here are: namely the upgrade feels like a downgrade in functionality and ease of use. Something they enjoyed with previous versions that is severely lacking in v3. TL:DR - Go play in traffic, Nicklst. The world needs less people like you in it.
  7. FFS... this sums up the entire problem right here. I want my shit to work, I don't want a gawddamn scavenger hunt.
  8. Well that worked to solve that issue. Now how about fixing the Thumbs Up/Down catastrophe and removing the (completely unnecessary) fade button....
  9. Oh really? Do tell how this is done because it's certainly not obvious.
  10. The 'seek' bar is just f***ing awful. Not that the rest of it is much better, but I could maybe deal with the rest of it if not for that. What music player ya'll moving to now?
  11. The 'seek' bar is just * awful. Not that the rest of it is much better, but I could maybe deal with the rest of it if not for that. What music player ya'll moving to now?
  12. Sooo.... how do we go back to V2? This new one is no bueno.
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