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  1. How embarrassing! An unhappy coincidence, turns out it was a failure of my earphone cable! So can't blame it on V3! However, it is a shame intuitive play controls have been replaced with swipes which you don't know about unless you read help or tips, that's not good UX design. Problem with listening to forum users is that the vast majority of users only come to a forum when they have a problem, it's only enthusiasts who spend all their time here, the rest of us just get on and use the app as part of their day. Perhaps a classic switch would keep people happy?
  2. Hi I've just got the new version and struggled a bit trying to get my folder hierarchy back but got there eventually. So after a few tracks this morning suddenly the player seems to have gone into a karrioke mode where I can only hear very faint vocals but the backing track is still normal. What's happened and how do I get it back to normal? Thanks in advance.
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