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  1. My issue is I want a simple, clean interface, with easy to access play and pause buttons, and a scroll bar. The other thing is an easy to search menu, by song title, and artist. I found everything in version 3 convoluted and difficult to find. Simple functions were made more difficult to access. I am an audio engineer and use Poweramp for running background music at live show productions, so I don't have time to be wading through all kinds of flashy menus to start or stop the music, or to find suitable tracks for the occasion. If version 2 wasn't still available, I would have been immediately looking for another music player app.
  2. My tablet auto updated Poweramp to ver 3. All of a sudden I had all this clutter in the way, difficult to find play and pause functions, if I swiped to advance to the next song, it would advance to another album all together, or bring up artwork from some totally unrelated album with all kinds of crap populating the screen. When I purchased Poweramp, all I wanted was a simple music player app where I could search for songs by title, album or artist, and play songs in sequential order or shuffle, nothing complicated. There were a few things I didn't like about version 2, but for the most part, it did what I wanted. Version 3 is an abomination; backwards functionality is totally gone, and I don't have the time or inclination to completely re-learn the new version. Why do software developers feel the need to totally re-design something that is successful and works? Minor changes and added features don't necessitate a complete overhaul. Microsoft does the same thing with their different versions of windows. Thank goodness version 2 is available for re-installation. I was just about ready to start researching other available apps to replace Poweramp. For now I've uninstalled version 3 and upgraded to version 2.
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