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  1. I have other FLAC CUE files that pulled. I removed the source for one of them then put it back on my SD card and it pulled.
  2. The files are FLAC CUE which is strange because similar files got pulled. PA will play the missing if I select them at the source folder just won't add them to the library.
  3. The problem even occurs now with the legacy version
  4. I have the ignore option set to "Don't Ignore". I have ensured that each artist folder was selected, still will not pull some files. Selecting the entire storage only pulls the audio files from the games I have my device.
  5. I have the latest version of Poweramp v3. I've tried don't ignore short tracks, and include/exlude cue files. I've made sure each individual file is selected and it still won't pull. Some of the files are just standard 320 mp3,some are FLAC and a few are CUE. I had no problems with Poweramp v2. Problem started after the update.
  6. After the update to V3 the app is not pulling all of my music files on my SD card into its library. I have tried every solution I could find in the forums and none are working. Please help I'm literally missing whole artists.
  7. I'm having the same issue. I've tried the solutions posted and I'm still missing files.
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