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  1. The issue is not with gain levels. Issue is how the app saves equalizer presets. Apparently it saves tone level settings but fail to change this when selecting another preset equalizer until one preses the reset button. Check screenshots of my previous replies above.
  2. Notice in this second screenshot, I changed to FLAT preset but the tone still remained 71% and 61% for bass & treble respectively.
  3. 2. I meant that I have a customized equalizer preset which when saving, also apparently included a custom tone(bass & treble level controls) set up. When I change from this custom preset to a default preset equalizer, the tone settings still remains unchanged. I have to manually click on reset button to tone everything to default. I've attached a screenshot of my custom equalization preset (LARSTY) showing that when it saved this custom preset, it included tone customization (bass level of 77% and treble of 61%). If I change to a system preset, these two still remains the same.
  4. 1. Equalizer distorts audio quality. Clearly detectable with phone speakers but slightly with headphones (Bluetooth) plugged in. 2. Changing preset equalizations does not reset custom equalization. This further distorts audio quality.
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