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  1. Done and done. Also, just because it's a color screen doesn't mean I have to deal with a chaotic mess of app icons.
  2. I prefer "boring monochrome." That's a large part of why I liked PA in the first place. I understand I can change which categories are shown. Having a "rainbow" of 4 colors, since I only have 4 icons up, looks odd. I don't like that I'd need a skin to even attempt to make things usable in V3 when it was never needed before. The option was to get a skin to revert V3 to look likek V2. Since that's not possible, I'm out of options to make V3 something worth using to me. Instead of switching to a different app and throwing the money away I paid for the full version, I've simply downgrade
  3. Thanks for the quick reply. For color puke, see the attached image. One of the best things about Poweramp was that it was just about monochromatic. To me there's no reason for it. I only use 4 of the categories, and the color looks weird. I figured there wasn't a way to change the UI back. I just reverted to V2 and disabled updates. Problem solved.
  4. Is there anyone willing to make a skin that restores the V2 UI? I greatly dislike the V3 UI. Don't like the icons. Don't like the wave seek bar. Don't like the color puke in the library. Don't understand why there's a thumbs down for local media. If I dislike a song it's not on my phone. It feels like a whole bunch of unnecessary stuff was added and it's made the app much less pleasant to use.
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