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  1. Perfect!!!! Will these changes be in the next update?
  2. for God's sake, please implement the lyrics in the .lrc file (synchronized lyrics) !!! Please, I really need this functionality.
  3. Cloud (Dropbox, Drive) + DLNA source, PLEASE
  4. I loved this update, thanks especially for the clickable links in info / tags, I had already suggested something similar but you went beyond and implemented this function in a beautiful and useful way without taking up too much space on the dialog screen and I really loved this function, now to be perfect, still missing a way to stream songs via Chromecast / DLNA, thanks for the effort!
  5. +1,because I really need this function, it's totally useful and necessary !!
  6. support, I made a topic asking to customize these actions, for example, when pull up open the queue, and when pull down open the album / artist etc ... would be an incredible implementation!
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