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  1. Christopher Carmo

    Playlist total duration

  2. support, I made a topic asking to customize these actions, for example, when pull up open the queue, and when pull down open the album / artist etc ... would be an incredible implementation!
  3. Christopher Carmo

    Please bring back list filtering

  4. in the playback screen, when we pull down it shows where the music played (a playlist or album) but when we pull up nothing happens. I would like to give a function to this movement: when the screen is pulled up it could open the "touching now list" which would be a separate and different list of the queue as it would be a list that would show what is playing now and the songs that will come next, for example, if I put all my songs to play randomly I can not know what songs will come later and the list (because they are in random mode) it is only possible to know if I move the screen a little or change the music. How about a list that shows what is playing now and the rest of the list ? (without the need to create a queue) Would be perfect and would greatly improve the PA
  5. Christopher Carmo

    Bug fix and request by me

    I really need this feature!
  6. Christopher Carmo

    Group by Year tag

  7. Christopher Carmo

    Lyrics refresh after track change

  8. Christopher Carmo

    The ability to hide artists with less than X songs

    +1, an option to only view albums with more than 10 tracks or only show albums that have more than x time (for example, show only albums with a duration of more than 1 hour) or only view albums with more than 10 tracks; the same for artists (for example, show only artists with more than two albums or more than 10 tracks) would be perfect!
  9. Christopher Carmo

    How about Poweramp online streaming music?

    this is not the goal of Poweramp, look for a streaming application for this.
  10. add more statistics, please. For example: "most played albums", "most played artists", "never played" (like lists of options in the library); Another suggestion is the option to change the order of categories in the library (as you can change the order of songs in the playback queue)
  11. Christopher Carmo

    artist and album in the dialog box

    please add "artist" and "album" as selection options in the dialog box, when you press and hold a song and some options appear (such as delete / send and info / tags), will make it easier to go to the artist or the album of the song, instead of having to click on the song to be able to go to the album / artist
  12. Christopher Carmo

    Lyrics search

    now I understand, I agree with you, there should be a dialog box that asks if we want to use the lyrics of the tag or Musixmatch. In addition, should have the option to edit lyrics and support for song lyrics in .lrc files.
  13. Christopher Carmo

    Lyric Display on Album Artwork

    is not pretty and does not accompany the design material, so I believe it will not add, but if it were optional would be a good function
  14. Christopher Carmo

    Lyrics search

    this function already exists, if you have the lyrics of the songs in the tag, a "search" button will appear that will take you to Google so you can see the lyrics of the songs, BUT please also add a function so that you can edit the lyrics of songs