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  1. Umm... Just to get this straight. I'm certainly open to innovations and new features and also new designs. But Poweramp is taking a step in the opposite direction with V3 as it is so much worse than previous versions. It really looks like something made 10 years ago and it ignores even the most basic usability and design rules. It's just a big mess of partially overlapping buttons and elements, deep and confusing and sometimes even redundant menus. It's just not practical anymore and not even pretty at all. Going back to V2 is not really an option either because it would require disabling auto updates.
  2. OK the awful UI was the reason I stopped using the beta and switched back to main release. Now that v3 has gone gold and thus forced to customers I'm seriously considering moving to something else. This thing has become an insult to my eyes and is not intuitive at all. It looks like someone without any design skills just found out how to do layers in Photoshop and dropped whatever basic shape he could find somewhere on the screen. There's no rule at all, it's just a big mess of buttons and symbols of different sizes, shapes and placement. This would have been ok 10 years ago but competition didn't sleep and usability has become at least as important as features and functionality. For now I'm reverting to V2 again.
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