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  1. I thikk it's more a bug than a request no ?
  2. yes please an option do see it ! Not only in playlist, in album list, forlder list etc
  3. Thank you, I didn't saw "Disable this if you use 'Players buttons'...
  4. Hello, Thank you for your skin, very nice ! Just a question : I saw no difference when i try to change : "Player Buttons", it's always the Defaut even if I choose another. Do I need to do somethink to see the other Playter Buttons ?
  5. It was on the v3 yes Next time i'll take a screenshot.
  6. The 1st screen is "sort by Name" the 2nd screen is "sort by Artist" there is no photoshop modif in my screens. For me sorted alphabetically should work for Name or Artist no ? (Sorry for my bad english)
  7. Hello, Browsing the settings, I had 2 times a pop-up to choose a skin and download some news skins. The first time I don't remember how or but the 2nd time I was in "about" settings. I don't know if I made a special manipulation but I can't reopen this section "choose a skin". Do you know about it ?
  8. Hello, Thank you for the news V3. It was a nice surprise this morning I was a little disturbed at the bebining but I like it more and more ! I have some questions about design and customizable options. 1. Is it possible to give the choice to display or not the informations in green on the screenshot 1 (Folder and Title I think). For me it spoils the beauty of covers. I tried the theme option "Alternative" (screen 2) but I would prefer to have to possibilty the display or not the information (screen3 I used photoshop). 2. Is it possible to have the same option for the Lockscreen ? Like don't display the Artiste/Name Song, visualize icone, track caracteristics, or the effect behind the buttons. I saw a nice alternative on a custom theme for effect behind the buttons : Sorry for my bad english, I hope you could unerstand me. Thank you.
  9. Scrolling from A to Z option is working only with order by "Name", if we choose order by "Artiste" or another, the scrolling from A to Z is not working :
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