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  1. So if anyone dont know....cause i havent really searched around on here....theres an option to square off the circle icons and if you pinch the screen it also will down size album icons to get more on the screen.
  2. Andre, thanks a million. You have probably been the only person in years to answer a question without out all the extra crap and with the exact info that I needed. Thank you again for your help.
  3. Perfect and thank you for all the info. Ill check it out. I usually do all updates with my programs/apps, after awhile they just dont seem to run as smooth anymore till its updated...thats been my experience. Hopefully the legacy will continue to be supported in the future. Alot of times it apperantely is to much to keep the old systems alive as well as the new. I see some extra features in the new update that hopefully will stay even if I go to the legacy v2. I love power amp but higly dissapointed with the initial look. Thank you again.
  4. I just got the new update and is there a way to go back to the old look? I absolutely hate this bubble look. Reminds me of facebook and it looks cheap. Deffinately does not look like a nice upscale player anymore. The eq settings now look like some pre teen video game. Ugh...shit is whacked. Navigation seems a bit clunky as well. Thanks for any help if I can switch back or Ill look for another player.
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