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  1. Thanks for your solution. @andrewilley I really think this is a legitimate request and this function is quite common. [spotify] See in which of my Playlists a Song is in [itunes] show what playlists your songs are in It could be done in an more elegant and simpler way. Try and error is not a pleasure. Like this
  2. Just like Youtube playlist. When you add a song to playlists, ticks show playlists the song is in. This will make playlists management more convenient. You won't add a song twice to the same playlist. Other possible improvement: 1. Find playlists containing a song (Search title, show playlists) 2. Add a "Show Playlist" option. Like tap "Folder" let you jump to the folder the song is in. Tap "Show Playlist" to show all playlists a song is in. You can jump to those playlists if you want.
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