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  1. Just now, maxmp said:

    There are many stages in audio processing, and if you hear something when you play "24bit" flac, it means at least decoding is supporting, right? 🙂

    As for actual output, it depends on your device/android version/firmware/Poweramp build/Poweramp settings.

    I just managed to fins it now by holding on the display and clicking gear icon.


    My phone supports it but the settings were hidden.


  2. Hi.

    I have been using Poweramp for little over 5 years now.


    Ever since I changed my ways and upgrades to lossless music I use FLAC as my main audio source.


    I did not bother checking before but now I noticed that the decoding Powerapk uses is 16bit at 48Khz.


    Is there a way to get 24 bit support because I don't see one if there is such option avaible already.


    Thank you.

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