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  1. Ok. But like v2 had the 2nd line moving from right to left to show the entire info of Artist names n album name n stopped when the entire name of the album was displayed, that feature will be added to this version later ? I dunno how to explain it properly.
  2. The listing here is fine. But if changes can be made on the main player screen then it would be fine. Anyways the current UI which i had shared is also good enough. As far as the name of the song & other details don't overlap the album cover, its a great UI for me.
  3. No Buddy. I use Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 which thankfully supports the Hi-Res Audio output too. Here i am attaching the image of the UI which i have currently. It has a Full Size Album Art with the Song info below it as you can see in the pic. So my suggestion was if those Repeat/Shuffle icons row could have been moved above on the album art with the Fading option, a 3rd row could be accommodated below the Artist Info for the Album info which currently comes immediately after the Artist names just separated by a "-" . If the developer has reached till here, just a small change for accommodating
  4. Amazing Update Please try to develop a UI where the Song Name, Artist Name & Album Name are mentioned in separate lines n not like the current one having Artist Name & Album Name in a single line separated by a " - " Sample image :
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