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  1. Hi, If I have Neutron or UAPP, when I put the phone on the dock, the apps recognise the usb device and switch over to Hi Res output. There doesn't seem to be a recognition of the USB in this case and Poweramp stays with 16/48 output. I retested with build 811 but no success. I checked to make sure the usb wasn't being controlled/used by another app (neutron/uapp). Thanks
  2. Hi. Currently trialling beta 810, with stock Note 9 exynos. Looking for a full featured app with hi res output for flac 24/96 files. Works perfectly for wired headphones, and app is ideal My main use for playback is when phone is docked- sound is passed though hdmi to a stereo receiver (basically usb c to hdmi cable). Phone uses the standard Open SL ES Output when connected and reports 16/48 playback (it shows 'Other Ouput Devices' being used. Is there a way to play through Open SL ES Hi Res Output. There is no option within this for Other Output Devices. I have this working in a couple of other apps but they lack the richness of Poweramp functionality Thanks
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