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  1. First of all I wanted to thank @Andrew0 for this amazing skin. I thought I suggest some design mockups I build from pictures that were already posted in this thread: - Reducing the artist and song tags could create more space for the album art on smaller screens. I noticed that especially when the tags are transparent the letters appear pretty far apart from eacht other so I thought this might improve the look. It looks a bit more like v2 in this regard. (Image 1: Originally by @invaderzim) (Image 2: Originally by @andrewilley) - While playing around with position and sizes of the tags I accidentally rounded only some of corners of the album and artist tags. I thought it looked kinda cool so you might wanna look into that (See Image 2) - I noticed that the upper button bar, the song tags and the album art don't always allign vertically (especially in alternative layout when the album art does not fill the whole widht of the screen). I thought it looks kinda weird when that happens but this could just be me. In my opinion these three things should always allign vertically (Or when the album art has to be reduced in size then the upper button bar should allign with the tags) Keep up the good work 👍
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