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  1. I created backup of my ratings and moved to the new phone to the specyfic folder. Still can't import my ratings using Playlist Manager. Enyway, here's little OT. Of course im Nova Launcher user too 😉 I have SM-9005 (Snapdragon) and SM-N900 (Exynos) . My ROM: MagMa NX - Release VX PCE XDA. MagMa PyeongChang2018 Edition https://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-note-3/development/rom-magma-nx-rom-t3508672 The ROM is great, but after a few days my phone is becoming very laggy, it's hard to use any application. I've been doin many things to solve this issue. Even reinstalled ROM once again. The reason I like Note 3 and want to keep it is: https://technave.com/gadget/ZeroLemon-10000-mAh-Tri-Cell-Extended-Battery-for-Samsung-Galaxy-Note-3-with-NFC-3016.html Even had to replace usb port - $5 cost + 3 minutes work by myself and done. :-) Thanks.
  2. Hi there, I have two Samsg Note's 3. One with original stock rom 5.0, the other one was updated to 6.0.1 MagMa-NX PCE. Both are fully rooted and unlocekd (TWRP, SuperSU). After moving my backup library using Titanium Backup to the new phone I have info: "Folder can't be found or can't be read" (atachment). Any song from the library can't be played. Only playlist seems to be broken. Looks like paths to the files are changed due to the Android 5 -> 6 upgrade. Just please tell me how and which file should I edit. New Playlis Manager can't find anything. If i put back external SD card to the old phone everything is fine. Don't wan't to lose my ratings, artist covers any my playlist. Thanks.