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  1. I have the same problem since the previous update that said to support Samsung S9 pie. Interesting thing is that I had everything working correctly (listening to music without dvc and hi res) after my phone got update to pie. Than I see failed message after the last update of Poweramp. Max, please fit it soon. Thanks.
  2. As I mentioned in title, please add an option of controlling USB Dac volume and software volume separately. Also add an option to just leave the sample rate of each song as it is or multiply the integer of it. After using Poweramp for some time i tried USB player pro and liked those features. I came back to Poweramp as generally I like it much more (overall polish, ui, visualizations, settings, library) but please expand options for USB Dac users. Thanks, Big respect for Poweramp dev from Stefan.
  3. Better to have and not want it than want it and not have it. Agreed.
  4. It isn't. It seems like a bug because it shows Poweramp on the screen and than after brief period just stops it and continues showing default.
  5. Poweramp Lock screen isn't working after updating on Samsung S9 plus. Starts for two seconds and than changes to default lock screen.
  6. Please add an option to perform a hearing test so the user can have a personalized sound and hear some frequencies that he otherwise couldn't. I think this is a very useful feature but the fact that I'm listening through USB Dac "Dragonfly Red" such an option in Samsung software doesn't work through USB. Thanks.
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