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  1. Thanks for the info and all your work!
  2. Thanks for the reply. Yes, I guess I should see if the Skin has a form. I am using $YAPS$ as well. Every while it will have different settings. Not all of them, but a few. I say it's after an update, but I need to verify.
  3. I continually have to go in and tweak skin settings after an update as many settings are reset. Is there a way to avoid this please? I can never recall all my settings and this is a PITA. Using the paid version on a LG V60. I have near 20,000 mp3s on my phone. I love Poweramp and thank you for your work!
  4. An idea would be to remove the waveform and move all buttons a little lower. Get the same size album art as in the screenshot, but without the added meta data text displayed over the album art. Thanks
  5. Larger album art and not text on it. Besides that Poweramp is awesome.
  6. Thanks, but the artwork is still smaller than I am used to even with these skins. Unless I am missing a setting, the stock player with the Alternate setting still has larger album art than these skins. I really like this player, I just wish the album art could be larger like the others out there. Maybe in an update. Thanks.
  7. @Prosenjit can you please tell me the name or a link for the skin at the bottom of your post? Thanks!
  8. Prosenjit, thanks so much. I appreciate the help. I will give it a try!
  9. Yes, I see it increases the album size, but it has the song title etc. text over the album art. I wish that there could be larger album art and no text over the art. Most other players have this, but are not as good as Poweramp. Thanks again
  10. Hello Saket. Thanks for the help. I will give some skins a try. Hopefully there is a skin that has the larger album art and no song meta data text on the art. Getting closer...
  11. Maybe give the option to use a straight line seeker bar instead of the large wave form. This would give room for the Album Art. Thanks again!
  12. Just started using Power Amp and I really like it. Great work, thanks. I am happy for working gapless play on my LG V20! The only thing I am missing from my previous player is the size of the album art. It’s a little small on Power Amp due to the GUI being so cramped. It would be extremely nice if the Album Art was able to be large enough to reach side to side when in portrait mode please. Art is important part of the player to me. Thanks!!
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