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  1. @JoseMata92 Nope, I also know clicking on that back to player UI without restart the song, but should be the same when clicking the SAME song on the list. (This is only my personal preference)
  2. SaintTail

    Half display player bar

    OK thanks, that what I am looking for.
  3. SaintTail

    Half display player bar

    I think it is better to instead of when I stop scrolling somewhere and display player bar half visible like this, it should be either snap to full display or hide.
  4. It is counter intuitive for me when I tap album on player ui to go back to some library page (playlists, all songs, albums, etc) when I tap the song currently playing it is start the song at the beginning instead of just continue playing.
  5. I want to have moving title and album title instead of ellipsize, at least I know what is the full text is. The current one doesn't show full text at all in every places (In case the name is long enough) There are a lot of place so where title and album title are displayed - Album page - As a row from inside many pages - Player UI
  6. Today I just got an update of Poweramp v3. The first thing I need to do is create a new playlist but I can't seem to find a way to create it on Playlist page after some moving around to find a way I notice that I need to select song or folder first in order to create a new playlist It should be better to have dedicate button inside playlist page to allow create new empty playlist