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  1. I honestly think that Poweramp equalizer is better than the dsp one... i haven't used dsp since CM7 but what i can say is that Poweramp equalizer performed much better... Honestly you should give Poweramp EQ a try
  2. +10000 network library would be awesome! Making it optional would not annoy every other users if they don't use it!
  3. My bad OP, I thought you would have better advices on a more specialized forum I was using some 10 bucks earplugs with Poweramp in the past and sound was much better with Poweramp I went to something a bit more expensive(not that much tho) and it has very good sound But honestly if you want to know something specific on headset you should look for reviews on specialized websites
  4. Oh my god... don't you read this section topic? "Common Talk Have something to share about app?" There are plenty of other forums that are about headsets. Your question should be there!
  5. Check the complete tags of your songs and make sure it's the same thing for all (including album picture, it has to be the same picture for all (not very sure about that)), if the problem isn't solved try to rename them from scratch using a tag tool like mp3tag (it's pretty easy with it) I'm pretty sure it isn't a Poweramp problem since i had some of these and it was solved after a rename
  6. I second the OP, all these are ideas I'd love to see in a release!
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