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  1. 33 minutes ago, flyingdutchman said:

    just updated to the latest release but do not see any option to hide library icons (Extra Options). what am I missing?

    If you see the request I made here, this was Poweramp and Liv Dark's behavior before when selecting hide library icons:

    And now in latest version of Liv Dark, library icons are hidden on more than just the top-most level of library. When you drill down further into categories they stay hidden :)

  2. The alternate Now-Playing layout without track info labels obscuring the image, ends up scaling down the size of the art considerably as it moves track info labels beneath the art. (For my device and its aspect ratio this is not a good option at alllll...)

    Being able to view cover art in the proposed 1 item wide grid / column with large art and meta beneath it would be the next best way to view album art more fully while browsing, and not having to interrupt playback just to see it bigger.

    I feel like it would be most useful with some sort of "snap-to" mechanic that would cause a vertical scroll to end in a standardized position where the album art and meta are both fully visible in most scenarios.

  3. I suppose this goes for the stand-alone version of Poweramp EQ, in addition to the music player (but I only use the latter anyhow..)

    Given that the pre-amp gain's value should be used to offset the maximum amount of gain applied by any parameter chosen, this Pre-Amp gain would be specific to that preset as arranged.

    Especially since only a handful of options in the EQ menu actually allow one to enter a value with the keyboard instead of fiddling with finicky sliders to get it where you want it.


    For me at least, I don't need to use pre-amp gain when not using EQ, and I certainly want pre-amp gain to be in the mix before I turn my EQ preset on.

    Is it possible for these to be tied together without confusing things further?

  4. I'd appreciate help in setting up the same thing, here.

    I can press shuffle in the header when in the album category, which for some reason always(?) defaults to shuffling both CATEGORIES AND SONGS. From now playing I have to then adjust shuffle mode to shuffling CATEGORIES ONLY.

    At that point it has already queued and started playback of some album from whatever random song was chosen out of order within it.

    I then have to use the 'Pro Buttons' category skip button to have it then start another random album from the beginning, which Poweramp will then play in order, and then shuffle to another album and play in order, etc. etc.

    How to remove the extra steps...

    Such that I can click shuffle in album category header, and thus play random album from any album artist, in its original track order, and advance to next album and so on?

  5. Search your email client for a message titled Purchase Confirmation And Poweramp Activation sent from PayPro Global

    The order invoice and user ID should be identical.

  6. 1 hour ago, Ali Rahal said:

    Thanks for the clear answer... I was going to post an other topic to report a bug indicating that the equalizer app does not work with Poweramp player when Hi-Res is enabled... is that intended to be that way or should it work with internal dac + Hi-Res from an other player ? (using a Xiaomi mido)

    EQ App should be used for other sources of audio on Android you want to EQ separate from Poweramp Player itself.

    If you want to use EQ within Poweramp, there is graphic and now parametric EQ options as of beta build 905-909.

  7. 4 hours ago, dvd6 said:

    For most Android phones, adaptive sampling may not work. That's OK.

    But we also have many Android music devices (or called DAP)  designed as no system/hardware resampling, which would actually work better with players supporting adaptive sampling(e.g. Neutron).  Users buy these devices just for higher sound quality, and have to give up a great UI of Poweramp. It's a pity.

    +10000, exactly this.

    Seems pretty daft of the Dev to say “oh this will break gapless playback”, meanwhile I can name only ONE ALBUM amongst 1,607 others on my DAP that has different sample rates within one album…

    Gapless playback in any other context besides ‘An Album’ means total bupkis.


  8. Not sure how much of this behavior is under LivDark's control, but here you can see the default Library Icons (gradient multicolor) have been set :


    All appears as it should on the top level library view:


    And again all appears normal drilling down into the Album Artist category:



    However, once 'Hide Icons' has been chosen under Library Icons in LivDark's settings:


    Everything looks fine (better than fine, it looks great!) on top level library view:


    Bad news, however once I drill down into the Album Artist category:


    The Library Icons shown in this category aren't removed or hidden at all.

    It changes appropriately according to other options for Library Icons, but once hidden en masse the default icons pops back in, creating a messy look compared to the chosen accent color..

    Is there any way for this library icon to be truly hidden from this view? Or at least mandate the White-outline icons or something more monochrome / less distracting be made to display when Hide Icons has been selected?

  9. 12 hours ago, andrewilley said:

    I was talking about having disabled (or never enabled) any store/restore track progress items. Same for having disabled “Resume on Start” under Headset/Bluetooth -> Audio Focus.

    But this prevents playback only, not the recall and queuing of last playback activity.

    I’ve already set Poweramp to “Start at Library” otherwise my query/request wouldn’t make any sense.

    [None of this is a big deal, it was just a feature request, which inherently is asking Poweramp to do something different than it already does, go figure! If it’s too much of a regression or hurts functionality, them’s the breaks.]

  10. 8 hours ago, andrewilley said:

    You can start from the top Library view using Settings > Look and Feel > Start at Library

    I'm already using this setting, of course.

    8 hours ago, andrewilley said:

    PA always has to have something as its current song, so even if you did clear the last played item, PA would still need to show something (probably the first song in the All Songs list) in its place.

    That's exactly it, though, the having to have something as its current song on startup..

    Why give option to start at top view of the library at all ? I've not selected any options for PA to remember track progress.

    Also starting with the exact same song queued (alphabetically) would be even more irritating, so this is probably just a non-starter, no pun intended.

  11. I know some folks enjoy the convenience of having their last played song/queue/list be re-instated as soon as the app launches, (if not automatically start playing).

    Myself though, I'm wondering if it's possible to have the option for PA to simply start from my top level view of library (wherever long press on home button brings us to) and not have something from the last playback session already queued and shown in the mini-player.

    I don't know if this would interfere with some system logic PA uses on startup to announce/begin its audio session for whatever audio output is to be used.

    But, can it be done?

    In this one instance I just wish for PA to be slightly more forgetful..


  12. Not sure when this started version wise, or if it ever worked right on my particular device (a FiiO X5iii, 800x480px display, Android 5.1.1, Poweramp build-905-arm32-play, Liv Dark v1.5.2), but I am unable to see (or easily adjust) the VolumeBalance or Stereo Expand knobs with Liv Dark enabled (reset to defaults, but changed background to grey for visibility).

    Also just noticed the knob is cropped for tempo controls as well.


    See comparison vs stock dark skin


  13. So, not on an M11 here, but an X5iii. Using USB Audio Player Pro I DID have to enable an option in its settings to get hardware buttons to respond. In Poweramp, I have to go:




    >>>Respond to Buttons (Tick the slider to on)

  14. 2 hours ago, RiedRied said:

    Although if you just want more bass you won't need 60 EQ bands, just one (parametric) will do nicely. The thing with a parametric equalizer being not that you've got so many bands, but that you need so few.



    Of course!

    For example, I think in RME’s ADI-2 FS desktop DAC/AMP, they determined the most you reeeaaalllyy need is about 5. Before you begin to run into trade offs :P

  15. 1 hour ago, Someguyonline said:

    IMO,I love the sound quality and EQ PA provides (32 bands! No other music player on android has this to my knowledge). And most of all PA has a robust flexible and customisable (with skins) UI. It still lacks a crystalizer, autoEQ (headphones based equalization). JetAudio kinda wins on that one (has tones of customisable audio settings).

    I would still prefer PA as it suits my needs well (ie. I don't need that many audio settings) and of course I love the gestures and UI. 🙂

    Anyway this forum is for discussing about Poweramp not about other music players in general. I don't think it would be a good idea to outright discuss about other music players (unless a mod gives us permission).


    Neutron has up to 60 graphic and parametric EQ bands, and AutoEQ implementation.

    Though far less customization in the skin/UI front. (Liv Dark being my favorite iteration on that for Poweramp).

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