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  1. When I switch from another application to Poweramp, Poweramp loses its response. It doesn't crash, the music is playing in the background, but the interface is not operational, neither click nor slide up and down. It did not happen often until the update to 8.38. My device: Nubia z18 Android version: Android 8.0 Poweramp version: Build uni 838
  2. Please help me.I backed up my music list at first, then I uninstalled and reinstalled Poweramp. I was unable to import the backed up music list after reloading.
  3. After downloading 821uni on the official website for upgrade, click on the Desktop Poweramp app icon, Poweramp directly crashes, multiple installation tests can not be opened properly. Reinstall 8.20 can only be uninstalled for normal use.
  4. Poweramp version: V3 build 821 uni Model: ZTE NUBIA Z18 Android version: 8.1.0 Software crash after upgrading version from 820uni to 821uni,and one of my friend which who is using XIAOMI MIX2S crash,either
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