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  1. Max, I have the same problem with all new songs uploaded to my phone. If I tag with the app, it appears, with the songs are tagged on Windows before uploading and all those songs has that problem
  2. I'm having the same problem, this problem is not with old songs. But all new songs that I upload to my phone have that problem. @maxmp this bug will be fixed in new versions?
  3. Wow thanks bro! I switched off and my problem is solved!
  4. I know that is not Poweramp's fault but it means that it won't be any solutions for this?
  5. So why should I deactivate DIRECT VOLUME CONTROL to fix the problem? Because if I deactivate it, the problem is fixed, but I want to use it turned on because the music gains volume an better quality
  6. Well, I'm havig a lot of micro stops in the music when Im sending messages on whatsapp and the checks appears. The problem doesn't exists if I disable DIRECT VOLUME CONTROL, but if I do that I loose volume and music quality. Also Im having micro stops in the music when I navigate a website on facebook browser. Those problems appeared when I updated to Android 9 Pie
  7. No way, the problem started when I updated to Android 9 Pie, it only fixes if I disabled DIRECT VOLUME CONTROL, so I think that @maxmp should fix this problem
  8. The music have little stops when I write on whatsapp and the checks appears
  9. The music crashes when whatsapp's checks get in the screen. For example, I'm listening my music, I write a message to a friend while i'm listening musis. In the moment that the checks appears in the screen, the music crashes. Besides, the music crashes when I'm watching a web inside facebook app. Those problems happened when I upgraded my android version from 8 to 9. Besides, when I receive a whatsapp message in the same conversation, the music crashes. My phone model is SM-69650, Android 9
  10. If I disable those options the music don't stop but the music has the same volume than notifications. Duck volume isn't working on bluetoot, @maxmp please can you fix that?
  11. Both option are enabled and the music stops when with every notification I receive while is playing on Bluetooth. In past versions the duck volume worked well on bluetooth
  12. Hi. I have to make a complaint about duck volume. With wired headset it works perfectly, but if I have that option enabled using with Bluetooth devices, every time I receive a notificacion there are two problemas 1) The notification has no sound on bluetooth if I'm using Poweramp 2) The music stops until the notification is gone. In past versions I didnt see that problem, so I think you have to fix it because is very annoying to use the music on bluetooth with that problem. My device is Samsung Galaxy S9+ with Android, the current version I have is V3-BUILD-816-PLAY Thanks
  13. Great! All we need some kind of filtee when will this feature be available @maxmp?
  14. @maxmp what happens with this deleted feature? Will you restore it again?
  15. If this will be the official app from this moment on, @maxmp it will be great that you could restore the filters ar the top of the list that was in the old version. If you cant, or if you wont restore that feature please let us know how we can get back to the old version
  16. I wanna know when MAXMP will add this feature again
  17. What happens with the filters at the top of the list? They dissapeared in the new visualization
  18. It seems that max is not interested to putting the filter again
  19. Hi. When will you put the filter again at the top of the list like the old version?
  20. Hi. Since the beta version got a los of vissual changes, the filter that was at the top of every list dissapeared. That filter was very helpfull to find any song inside from the current list, but now we have a search option at the end of the list, but if I search something it will return all the songs from the device and get me out from that current list. How is it possible that you deleted that feature? When will you put that feature again?
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