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  1. I recently bought iSyncr as I have spent a few years building smart playlists based on star ratings in iTunes. I'm quite disappointed to discover that, while I can star rate songs in Poweramp, those ratings don't sync back to iTunes and therefore my smart playlists aren't updated. Music Player Pro has a settings option that allows you to chose which rating system to use, one of those being iSyncr. Unfortunately I found Music Player Pro to be inferior by far to Poweramp and I've already paid for Poweramp and really love it in almost every other aspect. Are there any plans to implement this soon? As far as I can see this should have been in place by now, especially considering the other player has had this capability for at least a couple of years.
  2. I've been using Poweramp for a couple of years now and loved it from day one. After getting my first android phone I quickly realized I needed something better than the stock music player and tried a few. I only needed to use the trial of Poweramp for about thirty minutes to determine it was worth the price, and then some. Just recently I upgraded my phone and after installing and tweaking the app to my liking I decided to check out the actual web site for the first time. I just finished reading Alex's post "Three years of Poweramp" and now must say that I am ten times more satisfied with my purchase. I always had a feeling that the developer(s) of this software shared my passion for music and to hear this from the horse's mouth, and to know that the vision is to never add anything other than music playing capability makes me very happy. As long as that vision does not change I will continue using this as my only music player. The only thing I'd like to see now is a Windows and Mac version! Kudos to Alex and everyone else involved in making this software what it is. Many big software companies could learn a thing or two from projects like this. It's just a great example of how those who are passionate about their work produce the best results. Just wanted to say thanks for greatly enhancing the quality and enjoyment of my music listening. Hope you can continue to do that for years to come.
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