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  1. I've had the same problems as well. To me the ability to scrobble properly is the priority #1 of a music player after it actually manages to play the files. Missed tracks, no scrobbling, every other track skips, wrong now playing info. Nothing is working consistently. Official LastFM scrobbler, Scroball, Simple LastFM all fail in a way or another to the point of utter frustration. However I managed to solve all my problems by reverting back to the V2 legacy version of Poweramp as its not broken when using Simple LastFM scrobbler and I've had zero issues since. Too bad I can't enjoy the pr
  2. Hear hear, I also want to see the album art
  3. Guess I should've done my work and scour the posts through to see whether someone else wanted this as well, my bad.
  4. Also I think having the option for a larger cover art picture on the player to make it more reminiscient of the last version would no doubt look great as well.
  5. Hello! I just got the update on my Poweramp downloaded to my phone two days ago so this new UI thing has taken me a few hours to learn everything anew again. Good job though, very modern! To the topic. I think having the option for the album cover art to stay in view during the music visualization so that it doesn't fade could be great.
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