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  1. Yes, I already knew it but I was referring to the minimized header option
  2. Oh the "minimized header" would be great too. My bottom bar doesn't disappear on list scroll... probably somewhere there's an option I have activated "...there is always a way for fastscroll to the top" How? Currently I'm manually dragging the scroll bar. But with 14000+ tracks it's not so easy to scroll to the right point of the list.
  3. That could be an option too. But I don't get why it has been placed on the list header. Until alpha build 704 it was placed on the bottom bar and was always visible. Now, the other buttons/comands on that bottom bar have been replaced by gestures. But not the 3dots menu. At least, I'm not aware of a gesture for that. Is there any chance we can get it added (back) to the bottom bar so it is always visible? Thanks.
  4. The 3dots button on list view is available only on top of the list. Can it be added to the static bottom bar so it is always available? If I'm not on top of the list and want to, for example, change the list options, I have to scroll to the top of the list. That's not very comfortable.
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